You are invited to join me on this specially designed art trek aboard the iconic Savannahlander train departing Cairns 25 October 2017 spending three nights and two full days in Chillagoe North Queensland.

Travel will be in a relaxed style, and along the way you will be able to enjoy the vast scenery of the savannah lands. Chillagoe is a historic town based on cattle and mining. You can still see the copper smelting refinery, the wonderful limestone caves, the marble pits, mining cottages, plus the relics of bygone buildings and settlements. Shady creek beds and abundant wildlife await you. It is an experience not to be missed.

I love that part of the country, and over the years I have visited there, I have just derived such great subject matter for paintings.

Also if you are a train buff this trip must be on your list. The Savannahlander with spruced up silver 1960 vintage rail motor carriages, lovingly called the ‘silver bullet’, takes eager tourists (painters or not) out across the unforgettable savannah lands of North Queensland. The train travels at a relaxed pace, giving you plenty of time to view the scenery and to take photos. Once the train clears Kuranda we have the track to ourselves. The drivers tell the history of the rail line which dates to 1887 providing transport of tin coal and copper to the port of Cairns.

The journey commences in Cairns, with the scenery rolling along with the train from the cane fields at Redlynch to the Stoney Creek waterfalls, the lush rainforest and the Barron Gorge where water cascades over rocks on its way to the ocean. From there we move to Kuranda, and out to lands of wide horizons, ancient gorges and abundant wildlife of the outback stopping at many little towns and scenic spots along the way.

Heather Byrne, a well-known North Queensland artist with experience in leading art excursions, will be the Group Leader.

Heather’s comments – “I am looking forward to the art trek so much. I hope to create many thumb nail sketches and paintings that I can build on back in my home studio. Roll on 25 October 2017!”

Pick-ups can be arranged for Mareeba passengers.  Check out the web site –

****A List of suggested art gear will be forwarded to you on enrolment.

****A PDF of the proposed itinerary is attached below –


Hope to see you there!