Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I really did appreciate it.

By far the most popular cover was no. 1, but quite a few of you made some great constructive comments which we have taken on board. Thanks.

We have lightened the background, narrowed the spacing between the letters in ‘THE’, softened the font of ‘LONE’ and brightened it somewhat, and brightened ‘PHOTOGRAPHER’ so that the title stands out more. I have the cover displayed below, and at this stage some small changes can still be made if you have any further suggestions.

The story is about my father – his early life, his resistance adventures and activities during the Nazi occupation, our emigration hassles, our kidnapping in Singapore, the struggles in early Cairns, his photographic pioneering, his public pranks and his battle with depression. I am looking for a cover that depicts and encompasses all these aspects of his long life – not something bland, sterile or cutesy. Anyhow check it out below –


Revamped no 1

Revamped no 1