An Irish Tribute for St. Patrick’s Day.

As Irish As

My tribute to St. Paddy’s Day.

While travelling, and afterwards wanting to paint some of the impressions, in Ireland, the thing that struck me most was the colour tones, and the need to change the colours of my palette. Their greens are not our greens; their skies are not the blue of our skies, and so on.

To use the same colour mixes that I might use for landscapes where I live, would make an Irish scene appear artificial. This mistake can be spotted in our state and national art galleries when viewing the very early Australian painters (convict era)…….they saw our country with European eyes and painted it with European colours. The paintings just do not look like Australia.

Any country to which you might travel has its own atmosphere. As an artist, if you want to paint it authentically, you need to suss out what it is in the colours and mood, and change your palette. Then the rest of the job is just coping with subject matter.

This was a cottage tucked between the hedges and walls on a ‘soft’ day – what we would call an overcast day with the sun trying to get through, the Irish say “Ahh, ‘tis a soft day!”.

“As Irish As”, watercolour on Arches paper, image size 35 x 50cm.