“Rising Mists, Ravenshoe”


This oil painting, “Rising Mists, Ravenshoe”, is called a “Diptych”, because it consists of two canvas panels depicting the one scene, but each panel can stand alone. The bit between the two paintings in the above image is part of my easel (which is not included in the price!!)

It was first viewed by the public last Friday night (3/6/2016) for the Yungaburra Village Artists Group’s Exhibition Opening at the Atherton Regional Gallery.

This was an early morning scene I came across a few years back, on my drive to Ravenshoe to conduct a painting workshop. The last mists were just starting to lift from the gullies, whereas the main mass was already dispersing over the hills, with just some wisps here and there remaining. The golden winter morning sun had forced its way through parts of the high mists, lighting up sections of the terrain from the shadows. It was a glorious sight. Of course I was rapted too because the scene also included a couple of ramshackle buildings – just the sort I love to paint!

The exhibition continues until the end of the month.

YVA 2016 - small