Continued….“Artists – FREE Wall Decorators??”……part 2.

art sticker

In last week’s post (7/1/2016), I wrote a little about artists allowing themselves to be USED as ‘FREE’ wall decorators and I just want to add a few more points to this discussion.

Artists need to be mindful of the fact that these days anything ‘free’ seems to be devalued in people’s minds, and possibly is deemed worthless. The thinking goes………..that if the artist is prepared to hang their ‘stuff’ on the walls for free, this probably means that the artist is either (or all) desperate, a ‘beginner’, not very professional, the artwork can’t be all that good, why should they pay money for the art piece, and so on. So screwing artists for  free wall decorating is the way to go. Always exact some form of payment, monetary or ‘in kind’, and monitor their promises and display labels to your agreed satisfaction. You are doing them the favour!

Also you can be a ‘beginner’ in the art field, but don’t allow yourself to be tagged as a ‘hobby’ artist. Once that impression is formed by your viewers, the perception can be very hard to undo. Resist the temptation to humble yourself to the point of being self-effacing and shrugging off compliments. If compliments embarrass you, accept people’s responses to your art, simply and graciously, and then move the conversation on with some comment, perhaps about why the artwork has so resonated with them.

Think of yourself instead as an ‘emerging’ artist, no matter how high or low your ambitions are at the time. Set the groundwork from the beginning. Who knows what heights you may eventually ‘emerge’ to? Remember you are the face behind your artwork. People will remember you, your name and the persona you project………and very vaguely your art pieces. They will only recall that they love your ‘stuff’.

Think of it this way………..ask any member of the public to name an artist, and they will be able to rattle off at least a few famous ones; ask them to name one of their artworks, and they will stumble to name even one.

YOU are the FACE of your ART!!

(to be continued………….)