"Furthest - Wins"

“Furthest – Wins”

Because of my two books, I have been invited to be a presenter on two of the panels at the Cairns Tropical Writers Biennial Festival. The four person panels are entitled “Living Cultural Diversity” 9.00 – 10.30am Sunday 14th August, discussing characters and situations shaped by place, climate and environment; and “Chronicles of the Region” 1.30 – 3pm on Sunday as well, which discusses stories of migration and settlement.

I’m very nervous about this as I have never been part of, nor have I attended, such a thing before. Funny……but I would have no problem with something such as these in the art field, but somehow I feel a bit daunted in the rarefied air of writing. “Nevertheless”, as they say, “I can only call it as I see it”!

The three day Festival is quite spectacular in its offerings of wonderful Masterclasses, Workshops and Panel Discussions with some superstar presenters such as Magda Szubanski, Stan Grant and others. On Friday they have the FREE All Day Book Fair of Local Authors. Check it all out on :

Maybe see you there??