Artists – FREE Wall Decorators??…..part 1.

art sticker

Artists refusing to allow themselves to become ‘free’ wall decorators is one of my hopes for 2016 and beyond.

For too long artists have been lured, with the promise of exposure and potential sales, into displaying their artworks, ‘gratis’, on the walls of cafes, restaurants, reception areas, airport lounges, in fact any building with spacious wall areas – public or private – on the pretext these places are doing them a favour; when, in reality, these places are looking for an inexpensive option to making their premises look attractive.

The artists are told that they can display a card detailing their name, artwork name, and price (but, of course, not too obtrusive for the premise’s general décor), and management will endeavour to do their best to promote and sell the artworks.

The actual circumstances are far different to the desired ideal exposure hoped for by the artists.

The artworks are hung over the dining/coffee tables, the receptionist’s desk, chairs or couches against the walls, sporting tags so small you have to be a very determined patron to hang over the obstacles to squiz at the tiny writing in sometimes darkened rooms. The artist’s brochures and business cards are lost or covered by their own brochures, serviettes, straws or magazines.

And all this FREE……..not even a cup of coffee offered?

Artists need to become assertive – not something artists are good at, hence their being taken advantage of – and at least strike some mutual payment agreement.

This does not necessarily have to be monetary. It could be a free weekly cup of coffee, a monthly dinner, a percentage off your bill, etc. No other profession, in fact nobody, but nobody, offers their services to these business places for free………so why should an artist?

I know that many business places do now buy or rent their décor art……..but why not from the artists themselves?

Next time you are approached for a free hanging, don’t hang yourself!

(to be continued……..)