A Road Less Travelled.


When travelling I am often amazed at the delights that can be found if we take the trouble to get off the main highways. I have a compulsion to check out each and every back road, farm road, and interesting signage to ‘somewhere’………always on the lookout for potential painting subjects that grab my attention. Just another corner………who knows what lies beyond the bend? I came across this little beauty, on a hot, hot day, in the back paddock of a cattle station – complete with termites happily building their mounds in its shade.

Life, as a painter, can be interesting and intriguing too, if we bother to hesitate in our busy lives, and instead of doing what we have always done, just deviate off the path a little. Who knows what we might discover? What gems we might produce? We can always backtrack onto our preferred course if things don’t pan out. At least we won’t die ‘not knowing’.