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Our current weather reminds me of this painting. “It’s Wet, No Kidding” was a watercolour 60 x 55 cm I painted some time ago, of a scene I came across in the back blocks of Atherton. It had been a miserable, wet, cold day but the sun was trying to come out. The goats, sheltered from the wind by their humpy, had picked a sunny spot to dry out…….in the only little bit of sun around. They seemed quite pleased with themselves. I do have some reproductions of this painting available which are stretched on canvas and ready to hang.

Heat Haze, Richmond

If you were to be an artist, what would “you” like to paint……..?

Everyone knows how I gravitate to old shacks, houses and homesteads……..the rustier the iron, and the more weathered the timber, the better. I love painting the play of light over these structures.

What grabs you? What do you see when you say to yourself “I wish I could paint” or “That would make a fantastic painting”? What has stirred your soul??

This is an oil on canvas, I painted some years ago, 900 x 600mm, “Heat Haze, in the Back Blocks, Richmond”.