My oil on canvas diptych “Rising Mists, Ravenshoe” (900 x 1250 mm, $3,000) has found a happy home in Brisbane. I’m really pleased because, having been away travelling, I hadn’t had the opportunity to display it very much since I had completed it, other than the Yungaburra Village Artists exhibition at the Tablelands Regional Gallery. The space between the two panels is just the back of my easel. A diptych should be hung with a little gap, say 3cm, between.

The new owners are rapt, and find the painting uplifting and food for the soul.

Buying an original artwork (even if you have to hock the house!) because you LOVE it, will never disappoint you, and will give you pleasure for the remainder of your days. Each new day you will notice something else, something fresh, in the painting, as you gaze at it over a cuppa, or a glass or two. You will never be the same again after an original painting enters your life.

This relationship that develops between the buyer and the original artwork bought out of LOVE, does not extend to décor art bought purely with the idea of highlighting or matching in with interior decorating ideas. That arty piece will be thrown over with each new trend in interior design. Amazingly, a good original artwork will hold its own in any décor setting, and can be used as a focal point by an experienced interior decorator.

An artwork bought only as an investment will never bring that level of satisfaction either. It will most likely end up behind the door or under the bed, waiting for that day when you hope to maximise your outlay. It only promotes anxiety not pleasure.

And so with pleasure, I have parted with the painting into which I poured my heart and soul, knowing it is LOVED and appreciated. It doesn’t get better than that!!